I do things differently than many other breeders...

I WANT a blue merle with blue eyes!!!

8 out of 10 calls/emails on puppies ask only one thing... "Do you have a Merle with Blue eyes?"..
Not... "Do you have a puppy that fits my home?"

I do things quite differently than most other breeders. I don't sell puppies at birth or at all by coat or eye color. I also don't like to take pre-deposits. However, I do have payment plan options. Just ask *Pups are fully paid before leaving* 

How I do things:

I keep a waiting list. We can chat more and find exactly what Drive/Type of puppy is best for your home. Once pups are born I go down my list asking who is ready for a puppy. (Some are on the list for later times in the year) Once eyes open, those who are ready can place a deposit to hold their spot for pick of puppy.. So if 5 pups, the first 5 who are ready can place a deposit.
Once pups are 7 weeks old. I let new owners know what pup best fits their home. Sometimes there is just one or a few. If you agree with one of my pick we proceed to reserve that puppy for you. 

IF you are not happy with any of the picks...

Example: you need a female but only males would fit your home. Your deposit carries onto the next litter. I have 4 due so I'm sure we can find the right fit! IF nothing is the right fit I'm happy to return your deposit after all 4 litters are decided on. OR you can leave for future litters. 

*I'm not saying I will not sell merles to those who ask for them. If a merle is the right fit, that's what I will suggest. 

Once a pup is picked, The deposit is then nonrefundable.

Pups may be old enough to go by law at 8 weeks but sometimes they just need longer. Even more so for the little ones. I won't push my pups to wean, I'll help them learn but never push them. Most toy size pups stay till 9-10 weeks.
Pups are raised inside, super pre Spoiled, litter box trained, started crate training, desensitization, bite control and so much more!!!
If the color of coat and/or eyes are top priority, many other breeders sell by looks over drive/personality. I just personally can't do it. I spend so much time with my pups. I get attached. Placing them in the right home is more important to me than selling a puppy at birth because someone likes their colors. I hope you understand.