Important Information about our puppies


Puppy Culture

All current & future litters are started with...

Puppy Culture Program.

I have been breeding a long time and have lots in place to help my pups start off the right way. This program is great as it helps buyers to continue where I left off with training.
Recommended Videos:

Please contact me if you can not purchase this video before your puppy goes home! This Video will help you shape your puppy the same way we started here. Its a wonderful video!

A Must HAVE!!


Registration Papers

Most Pups are Registered with ASDR, American Stock Dog Registry.
Some litters are registered with ASDR & AKC.
Starting 2019 Registration papers will NOT be sent home to fill out later.
All registration will either be filled out at time of purchase or once you decide on a name.
Registration fee of additional $20.00 to be paid at time of pickup.
Pups are never sold for less with out registration! 



As of 2017 I will not be shipping pups cargo anymore.

Pick up here or I will happily meet you at the airport so you can fly home with your puppy as carry-on. Thanks! 

Basics we start with Pups.

  • Crate Training
  • Litter Box Trained
  • Desensitization to Noises/Objects
  • Bite/Herding control
  • Kennel Up
  • Relax/Cuddle time
  • So much more!

If interested in a puppy or future puppy please take a minute to fill out an application. 

Kinzie & Tripp's Litter - All in their new homes



Black Tri Female


Limited/Pet Price $1,250



Black Tri Male 


Limited/Pet Price $1,250



Blue Merle Male


Limited/Pet Price $1,300

Full Registration $2,000



Blue Merle Male
Limited/Pet Price $1,300
Full Registration $ 2,000 

Kinzie & Her newborns


Kinzie & Tripp's born 3/23/2019 Expecting Medium- Large Minis
Ready to go around June 1st
around 10 weeks old

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Life is Busy and I have a Teen in High School. Between the Adult dogs, Puppies and human child, I'm constantly on the move. I also live in the country where cell service is not always great. The BEST way to contact me is to Reply above OR  send me a message on my Facebook Aussie Page...

Its also much easier to set up meetings, and keep all your information in one place. 

However, You can CALL or TEXT or Email