Litton's BET She's Crazy AKA Mazie

Mazie is a home grown girl. I was in love with her from birth! She has not always been easy. She started climbing her xpen before 6 weeks old and that started her on her path of escaping to get to us! She has such an easy going personality. All the other dogs think of her as *Mom* and Mazie keeps them all in line with out any fighting.  She loves people and very friendly. She is just a pleasure to have around! Nothing better than a good cuddle with Mazie, she even gives hugs back! 

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Registration:  ASDR
Black Tri w/Blue Eyes
16 Inches 

Mazie's Genetic Testing

Will supply full PDFs in puppy packs if requested.

  • Multidrug Sensitivity
    ​(MDR1): Clear
  • Hereditary Cataracts
    (HC): Clear
  • Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
    (PRA-PRCD): Clear 

Mazie-MDR1 (pdf)


Mazie-HC (pdf)


Mazie-PRA (pdf)


Mazie's Puppies


Mazie is such a wonderful mom! We have kept back 2 pups out of Mazie & Sizzle..

SumSum & Kinzie are litter mates and quickly proving to be just as great as their mom!