Litton's You Little Minx You

Minkey, Our tiny monkey thief!

Minkey was born here also. She is out of Polo and Tazie. She is 1/2 Sister to Mazie (Same mom). What a size difference!

Minkey is small but never overlooked! She will jump up right into someones arms to get cuddles. Very Athletic, but only uses it when its to gain attention. Even though she is  one of the smallest in height and weight of all the dogs, she has no problem keeping up with everyone and is one of the most playful girls. She doesn't care about their size, she will try and tackle them down! Its so cute because all the dogs let her! Minkey is the ONLY one who can sneak up onto the bed or couch and snuggle in with out you knowing. She also loves laying on my desk. Once I sit down and get settled in she jumps up and lays right down on the desk next to my arm. 

Minkey is my Sidekick! She is a sweet little baby! 

Toy Australian Shepherd

Registration:  ASDR
Black Tri w/Partial Blue Eyes
13 Inches 

Minkey's Puppies


What a wonderful momma! Minkey is such a caring mom. She enjoys playing or just snuggling her babies. They make a pee and she is right in with them.

Minkey is my sidekick and hates leaving my side, so her pups typically get to hang with me all day long. Minkey and her babies follow me from room to room for the first few weeks.
We kept Prin out of Minkey's last litter to to hopefully take over once Minkey retires. 

Minkey has a litter now, and they are just beautiful!