Retired Males

Timberline's One Night Stand


 *AKA: Fling*
Red Tri with 1 Blue & 1 Brown eye.
18 inches
Fling is now in his new home with Amanda and his new brother Blanket :) 

Litton's TuxaBux


 *AKA: Tux*
Black Tri with brown eyes.
15 inches tall.
Tux is now living in CT with his new family getting very spoiled living at the beach! 

Lindsey's Ralph Lauren


 *AKA Polo*
12 inches tall
Back Tri w/ partial blue eyes
He is now back with Rhonda 

Litton's Razzamatazz


*Aka Razz*

 Toy Australian Shepherd
He is down with Tiffany making lots of little toy babies!