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 I cant say enough good about this boy. He does amazing in any situation I  take him into. If its waiting for the hot air balloons with lines of  kids, all the kids rolling around with him. Or Taking him to get tires  fixed, Or trick or treating.... He does amazing and happy go lucky in  every situation! Such a great little man. I'm SO excited to see the  babies he produces! 

Australian Shepherd

Registration: AKC, IMASC, ASDR 

Blue Merle w/Brown eyes

16 1/2 Inches 

Sizzle's Genetic Testing


Will supply full PDFs in puppy packs if requested.

  • Multidrug Sensitivity
    ​(MDR1): Carrier/Not Affected
  • Hereditary Cataracts
    (HC): Clear/Normal
  • Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
    (PRA-PRCD): Clear/Normal 

sizzle-hc (pdf)


sizzle-mdr1 (pdf)