You Can't Buy Happiness... But An Aussie Comes Pretty Darn Close!


Experienced Breeders

Experienced Breeders

Experienced Breeders

 About Us...
I am a small breeder of Australian Shepherds. The parents are my kids, not kennel dogs. All the dogs live in my home. Moms have their babies in their puppy box next to my bed. I am there from Delivery to Weaning to finding that perfect family for each puppy. I breed my kids so others can enjoy this breed as much as I do. Feel free to email at any time with any questions!

All puppies are raised in my home, underfoot. Puppies are used to children, kittens, birds and other dogs. These pups are played with all the time, very spoiled and well socialized. I start crate training and housebreaking and basic training to make their move into their new home a little easier for their new Parents


Many Sizes

Experienced Breeders

Experienced Breeders

 Australian Shepherd Sizes: info from..
American Stock Dog Registry

  • STANDARD:  Height for both male and female is 18 inches up to 23 inches at the top of the withers. 
  • MINIATURE: Height for both male and female is 14 inches up to 18 inches at the top of withers. 
  • TOY:  Height for both male and female is 10 inches up to 14 inches at the top of the withers.


A Furever Friend

Experienced Breeders

A Furever Friend

 If  you don't know much about Aussies, Read up on them! Before getting ANY  new dog to become part of your family, Research! Not every type of dog  is good for every type of family. Find a breed that will match your  lifestyle before getting a puppy! 

  •  Note:  I do not sell my AKC puppies to be  registered in the AKC as the new breed *Miniature American Shepherd* All AKC puppies will stay registered as AKC Australian Shepherds. Thank  you.  

Miniature Australian Shepherds are NOT Lap dogs!

 Miniature  Australian Shepherds are NOT Lap dogs, Couch Potatoes, Or a dog you can  expect to behave all day while at work if left in the house alone! 

  • The  Miniature Australian Shepherd is a working breed. Aussies are a very  adaptable dogs and require a lot of exercise and stimulation. They are  high energy dogs who need a purpose... They thrive on learning new  Tasks/Jobs and engaging in those Tasks/Jobs as often as possible.  
  • Today's Aussies can do so much in the working field. Above and beyond being a pet, a show dog, agility, etc. Aussies make wonderful Farm dogs!  Don't limit them to just the farm, Aussies can do so much if trained!  The great intelligence of these dogs make for an amazing hearing dogs  for the deaf, guide dogs for the blind, pet therapy dogs,  search-and-rescue dogs, etc!!
  • As  amazing as you will think your cute little puppy is when he figures out  how to escape or find those shoes he chewed yesterday that you hid  away. Aussies are very capable of out-thinking their owners! They are  quick learners, and easily bored!
  • Obedience training is highly recommended. Aussies are so easy to train, as they are so eager to please their owners! 
  • Training an Aussie helps tremendously with controlling their natural behavior to herd! Anything from dogs, cats, birds, children, and vehicles can simply overwhelm them. 
  • On  the average, Aussies are friendly with everyone. They can be somewhat  reserved and cautious around strangers and protective of their family.  Training goes along way in teaching Aussies the correct way to behave,  and when its allowed. They have a strong herding instinct, So small  children are just as fun to herd as sheep, or other animals. Teaching  your puppy early on that kids are NOT something to herd will go along  way, and save kids from the famous herding nips from not training your  Aussie.

 Great Aussie Color Guide!
A Field Guide To Coloration of Australian Shepherds  

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

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